As one of the NFL’s best receivers and a six-time Pro Bowler, Andre possesses an enviable combination of speed and strength that have earned him accolades both on and off the field. In 2003, The Andre Johnson Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, was founded as a way to give back to the community and to showcase the positive lifestyles and contribution of professional athletes. Johnson wants to convey to all youth that no matter what your circumstances are, if you work hard, you can achieve your goals. He seeks to encourage today’s youth to reach their full potential in both athletic and academic pursuits. Youth from communities in Houston, Texas and Miami, Florida are beneficiaries of the foundation’s programs.

Our Mission

The Andre Johnson Foundation is committed to creating and empowering youth from single-parent homes by supporting programs that develop the total person.

Our Goals

  • To create awareness and to support programs that introduce healthy living into the family unit
  • To transform communities and improve lives by supporting programs that create sustainability and impact for youth
  • To provide encouragement for youth to develop into responsible and educated citizens through community service
  • To provide the necessary resources to assist youth to set goals both academically and physically and to achieve those goals
  • To develop and support programs focused on character development, goal-setting and life skills