By Grant Afseth

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Andre Johnson said earlier this week that he has found his love for football once again. He ‘stuck it out’ for a few years in a frustrating situation with the Houston Texans, but “deep down inside”, he knew that he would have to move on. The team wanted to reduce his role, they didn’t view him as the dominant receiver that he once was.

Johnson has been ‘ecstatic’ with the Colts organization so far. Johnson’s situation has really made a turn for the better since being released by Houston in March.

He will be able to play with a great young quarterback like Andrew Luck certainly can be fun for any player. However, Andre Johnson has already called Luck the greatest quarterback that he’s ever played with. Being able to play with a great quarterback [Andrew Luck], his old college teammate [Frank Gore], and on a title contending roster has truly made him happy again.

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