By Dale Robertson

Andre Johnson was complaining – jokingly … we think – about the double standard that applies to defensive players like J.J. Watt and receivers like himself.

“How can a guy get down on the ground and roll around, pick the ball up and run and not get touched,” Johnson said, smiling. “But then you have receivers that hurdle a guy and just gets brushed and they’re called down, (with) their touchdowns taken away.”

But the 12-year veteran went on to say about Watt: “What he’s done so far … It’s the best performance I’ve ever seen by a defensive player.” Watt surprises only when he fails to surprise.

“I know what kind of athlete he is, so it’s not shocking,” Johnson said. “But the (crucial) time (of the game) when he does it … You see guys look at each other on the sidelines and say, ‘Man, he always comes through at the right times.’ ”

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