By Dan Tylicki

The NFL draft is designed to help provide some degree of equality in the National Football League and to make it easier for struggling teams to acquire future Hall of Famers.

With 32 first-round picks in each draft, however, every team has the opportunity to find a great player every year if it knows where to look. As a result, nearly every team has drafted a legend early at least once in its franchise history.

The best first-round draft picks in every team’s history encompass playmakers on both offense and defense and showcase some of the greatest players in the modern era and those who have stood the test of time.

Houston Texans

The Texans have a short history, so their greatest player being an active one makes sense. J.J. Watt could be the guy here 10 years from now, but for now Andre Johnson is easily the man to beat.

He was the third overall pick in 2003 and made his presence known immediately, nearly having a 1,000-yard season. Eleven seasons later, he has 12,661 yards and 61 touchdowns.

He has led the league in yards twice as well as receptions twice, and even with a giant question mark at quarterback this past season, he still managed more than 1,400 yards.

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