By Brian T. Smith

Andre Johnson’s eyes lit up and his closed mouth turned into a smile.

Yes, Johnson remembers a young, eager Derek Carr.

And, yes, the reality that the Texans will face a rookie quarterback Sunday who once traded on-field passes with the franchise’s leading wide receiver and is the brother of longtime Texans starting QB David Carr is more than a little full circle.

“It’s actually pretty crazy, especially just seeing him now in the league,” Johnson said Monday at NRG Stadium. “He was a little kid running around here. I used to always talk to him after every game. He came out to practice. I got a chance to go watch him play a little bit in middle school. I’ve been following him since then. … It’s funny, man, to know that I’m going to be playing against him.”

The Texans were initially expected to face former starter Matt Schaub in Week 2. But Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen opted for Derek instead of Schaub, leaving Johnson’s offense trying to outperform a first-year QB who once looked up to No. 80.

“I just want to get a chance to see (Derek) and talk to him,” Johnson said. “When he used to be here, he always used to tell me that he was going to go to Miami and play quarterback — he was a big Miami fan growing up. But I always thought he would follow in his brother’s footsteps and go to Fresno (State).”

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