By Bear Heiser

The Houston Texans’ top receiver has reported to training camp.

Veteran Andre Johnson arrived Friday morning at the Texans facility, ready to get back to football.

“I just love playing the game of football,” Johnson told reporters. “It’s my job to make up for the time that I missed. I’m gonna work my butt off, like I always do, to make sure I’m ready to go when it’s time for the real bullets to start flying.”

Johnson will have about two weeks to get in sync with his teammates before the preseason begins August 9.

“Everybody was excited to see me,” he said. “I was just as excited to see them as they were excited to see me. It’s the first time I’ve been away from my team as long as I have.”

Johnson’s arrival at camp is great news for the Texans, as he will need time to get acclimated to new starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and new head coach Bill O’Brien.

“Being here, being around my teammates, there’s nothing like being around that … ”

Johnson isn’t likely to be the only one who feels that way. Training camp is when the fun begins.

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